Harry Thompson

Big Month of Music Young Ambassador


Please tell us about your music education

I play violin and piano. Having parents with no musical ability, it may come to be a surprise to find that I have been learning Violin since the age of 6, working my way through the ABRSM Violin Grades as well as taking part in many local Youth Orchestras; I have most recently completed Grade 7. I started off taking lessons through primary school before moving to have lessons directly through the local Music Service. Since starting to learn, my love for music has continued to grow, meaning I chose to complete both GCSE and AS Level Music qualifications.




How did your Music Service support you with your music education

I have had lessons for the past 12 years with teachers from the local Music Service (Severn Arts) first of all with the opportunity to learn in small groups in primary school, before moving to have solo lessons later on. On top of this, I have taken part in many of the orchestras made available to me throughout the years – starting off with Starter Strings, moving through to the full Intermediate Orchestra, and now (as well as for the past 5 years) playing in the Worcestershire Youth String Orchestra (WYSO) and the main Youth Orchestra (WYO).


What are you doing now?

I am a member of two county level youth orchestras – WYSO (Worcestershire Youth String Orchestra) and WYO (Worcestershire Youth Orchestra) – with rehearsals every week and concerts at the end of every school term. I also volunteer at the Malvern Area Music Centre String group every week, helping in teaching the children the fun variety of pieces chosen. I hope that in the future I will continue to be able to play in various orchestras.

Why is music education important?

Music education provides children with a way to express themselves whilst also having a lot of fun and meeting new people. Through various orchestras and small groups, children have a way of pushing themselves musically without feeling any pressure, which is an important part of development at that age. On top of this, music education can also help develop skills that will be useful in all aspects of education, as well as building self-esteem and confidence.