In March 2020, the West Midlands Music collective embarked on a unique and ambitious project called Big Month of Music, celebrating the musical achievements of children across the entire region and investing in their musical learning in the long-term.

This included a Big Sing, Big Play where we profiled 160 ‘One Minute of Music’ films of classrooms from across the West Midlands; Spotlight events shining a light on rock and pop, Local events across the region, and hosted open events for families where children could try out instruments and find out what their next musical steps might be.

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic we had to cancel many of the events in the second half of the month. However, we still saw lots of music making, all profiled on our YouTube channel.

As well as celebrating achievement, Big Month of Music is also about investing in children’s musical learning in the long-term: we’ll be aiming to increase their musical aspirations and open their eyes to their next musical adventure.

Big Sing

Held at Birmingham Symphony Hall, children from schools from each of the 14 regions will participate in a large-scale professional standard singing event, with artistic direction from Ex Cathedra and input from British Council’s World Voice artists and repertoire.



Big Play

An online celebration of First Access whole class tuition in the West Midlands. Schools will be uploading One Minute of Music in Your School to Youtube, and all films will be profiled and curated in a mass virtual celebration on the 27th March.


A celebration of rock, pop and urban music providing an opportunity for young artists and bands to perform live.


An opportunity to visit your local Music Service, try and instrument, learn about local opportunities, and have a chat to staff.


There will be concerts, workshops and gigs from the 14 Music Services happening throughout March 2020. This is a snapshot of what happens every month! Check out our events calendar, and go along to a gig.

Why get involved in the Big Month of Music?

For schools

It is an opportunity to showcase the musical activity that is happening in your school and evidence a broad and balanced curriculum.

Through BMM you can celebrate the importance of music in your school. BMM will enable your children to engage with a large-scale regional event, and to see the importance of their own music making. It will provide you with evidence of being involved in wider cultural activities. It aims to increase aspirations of children – open their eyes to what their next steps musically might be.

The BMM is focusing on what is already happening in schools with Music Service activity. It is easy for you to engage with in a range of ways, without putting additional pressure on your staff.

For Parents, Children and Young People

There is a broad value with participating in musical activity, whether singing, playing an instrument, being part of a band or ensemble. Music brings enjoyment as well as developing vital skills that children will need in the future. The Big Month of Music is an opportunity for you and your child to engage with your local Music Service.

For the Sector

West Midlands Music has a collective reach of 136,142 young people and 1,963 schools.

What new partnerships and collaborations could come out of the BMM? West Midlands Music is open to attracting investment and partnerships to the region with partner arts and cultural organisations.