Olivia Wilson

Big Month of Music Young Ambassador


Please tell us about your music education

I play trumpet and piano. I began learning the cornet when I was 7 through the music service within my school. I took my Grade 5 when I was 10 then I moved to secondary school and moved on to learning the trumpet. I stayed having lessons through the music service until I moved to a private teacher outside of school where my playing progressed a lot. I was still involved with lots of groups within the music service and took part in workshops through the jazz band. I also play the piano and started learning when I was 10 which really helped my musical understanding develop.



How did your Music Service support you with your music education

Coventry Music Service supported me by providing opportunities to play within different groups. I started in my local area band then moved onto the youth brass band, wind band and jazz band. Each group taught me a collection of different things which helped develop my musicianship. Whilst a member of the jazz band, run by Mark Allison, I had access to lots of great playing opportunities, such as playing at the Leicester Graduation Ceremony, and some workshops including one with NYJO and another with Laura Jurd.


What are you doing now?

I am currently at the University of York studying Biochemistry, but I am involved with a few music societies. I play with the York Uni Jazz Band and the University of York Brass Band both of which I really enjoy. Being in both of these groups not only helps me to keep up with my music whilst doing my degree but also allows me to meet lots of new people. I also regularly use the practice rooms for piano so I can play for enjoyment.

Why is music education important?

I think music education is very important because you learn many more skills from it beyond learning the instrument. I think it teaches children skills like teamwork, organisation and patience to name a few but it also helps to build confidence and friendships. I think music is a very rewarding journey to undertake due to the opportunities it presents along the way whether you pursue it as a career or not. It is also a lot of fun and you make some great memories! I am very grateful I had the opportunity to learn music whilst growing up.